You Are Not Alone

Research conducted by AARP found that 90% of all senior’s desire to age independently in their own homes, AKA Age in Place. Furthermore, 82% of seniors who need day-to-day assistance still desire to age in place.

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Risks of Aging in the Home

Before you decide if aging in place is right for your loved one, let’s look at some numbers:
  • Falls are the leading cause of injurious death.
  • 25% of elderly fall each year.
  • 55% of falls occur in the home.
  • 87% of all fractures are due to falls.
  • After one fall, people are 3 times more likely to fall a second time.
  • Every 11 seconds an elderly citizen is treated for a fall-related injury.
  • Implementing SmartCells Cushioning is the best choice to help reduce fractures due to falls.

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”

Even though we can’t stop falls altogether, SmartCells fall protection mats and flooring provide a safe solution that allows your elderly loved one to age gracefully in their homes while maintaining independence and providing you peace of mind that they are safe.

How Does It Work?

SmartCells become softer under impact while at the same time providing a stable surface that does not impair balance. The SmartCells structure can offload up to 40% of impact forces on the hip and up to 90% of impact forces on the head during a fall.
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How Do I Implement SmartCells Cushioned Flooring?

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